Top 7 foods help grow height effectively
09/01/2017 | 01:54
In order to possess an ideal height, we should follow a suitable diet and fitness. Muscles and bones will be built naturally. Choosing suitable food is very important to support our height. Here are some guidance food help grow height naturally.

1.  Milk:

Milk is very helpful for our health. It contains rich protein to build cells. Milk is also good for digestive system. We should enjoy at least 2 glasses of milk to get maximum height. 

2. Egg:

Egg is so rich protein that our height will be increased fast. Albumin in egg white contains many vitamins so we don’t leave egg white. 

3. Beef:

50 grams of beef is necessary for our height. Beef has rich protein. 

4. Soy bean:

Soy bean is rich protein. It can help increase muscles and cells. 55 grams of soy bean every day is necessary.  

5. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal helps increase muscles building and reduces excess fat. Enjoy 50grams of oatmeal for breakfast to ensure nutrients and grow height effectively. 

6. Banana:

Banana contains rich calcium so bones will be stronger. It also has high minerals so banana is very necessary for bone building. 

7. Seafood:

Seafood contains high calcium. It also has vitamin D, K, B1…There are some guidance seafood such as: shrimp, tuna, crab, shell…

In order to get an ideal height, we should follow a healthy diet and fitness to support the height. We can use dietary supplement to possess the ideal height soon. 

Wish you success!

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