Taller Plus – Increase bone density and strength, stimulate bone growth
Taller Plus – Increase bone density and strength, stimulate bone growth
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Nowadays, height discrimination is more and more popular in our society. Owning a short stature can make you feel low self-esteem when communicating to everyone, or miss many career opportunities. Besides, you are obsessed by teasing of everyone because of “dwarf” height, right?
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Leading experts in height research all understand this worry and are trying to find ways to help you overcome this shortcoming.

And now we come here with a new solution to solve your problem.

Taller Plus - a perfect choice that can help your dream of growing taller come true!!!

About the product:

       -  Taller Plus is a 100% all-natural supplement that will help you grow taller fast and safely.

       -  Taller Plus helps to develop lengthen and strengthen the density of the bones for growth height.

       -  In addition, Taller Plus has also been clinically proven to prevent osteoporosis, brittle bones, strengthening bones and teeth.

       -  Completely healthy and safe with no side effects. Both males and females of any ages can use. See the differences in only a few months.

So what makes Taller Plus a magic supplement?

Calcium nano formats – an important and decisive ingredient for bone development.

How can Taller Plus help you grow taller?

Nano-calcium particle is prepared by nanotechnology, creating Calcium with super small particle size (about a few tens of nanometers). Thanks to the ultra-small size, nano-calcium has high solubility and intestinal membrane permeability, and helps your body can absorb maximum of nano-sized calcium from the intestine to the blood rapidly. Thus, your gut won’t contain excess calcium that helps you prevent constipation and nephrolithiasis.

Absorption of nano-calcium is 200 times as much as the other calcium; especially nano-calcium can strengthen bones that help you achieve a peak of height.

As the body needs nano-calcium for bone growth, we cannot get such a large amount of nano-calcium from foods. Calcium cannot be easily absorbed in the body because it is in normal form. That’s why Taller Plus brings you a good source of nano-calcium which helps strengthen your bones effectively.


This product is intended for adults and children aged over 10. Calcium-low and short people

Dose: 2-3 capsules per day after meals

Keep this product in dry, cool place, away from sunlight and out of reach of children

Origin: USA

Manufactured by: TIGON PHARMA

Address: 433G Pa, # 775, Olathe, KS 982513 8515 Olathe,USA

We have been very proud of bringing best-quality beauty care products to the customers. We are always committed to selling genuine products and doing our utmost to meet the customers’ satisfaction. When buying Taller Plus, the customers will get a lot of preferential offers such as free consultation, fast delivery, convenient order placement, 100% genuine products….

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