Growth Height Pro - and ideal solution for height growth
Growth Height Pro - and ideal solution for height growth
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Heigh is the key factor which determines if your children can make their dreams come true nor not. Let your children be the center of attention, just tap your hand slightly on dreams and get prepared for nurturing your children’s height
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Growth Height Pro is your smartest choice, your investment in helping your children gain what they like in life. Extracted completely from ingredients beneficial for bones and joints, Growth Height Pro helps nurture your children’s height every day.

What does Growth Height Pro contain?

Growth Height Pro provides essential ingredients such as calcium, zinc, magnesium…and useful bacteria Probiotic (L Acidophilus - B Bifidum) which help care for the children’s digestion 

+ Probiotic is very helpful in gaining balance for the intestine. Probiotic is very essential for health. It can maintain the balance of the intestine bacteria, strengthen the intestine health and the immune system. Probiotic also provides necessary ingredients for the body such as folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B6 và B12  
+ Calcium is the most important component of bone of which, 99% of the calcium is in the bones and teeth. Calcium is the primary mineral for bone formation, but the body can not synthesize it. It needs to be supplied by nutrition. Providing calcium daily to ensure material resources for new bone cells synthesis is very essential for all ages. In it, nano calcium form is easily absorbed.
+ Zinc (Zn): the scientific elements have been shown to have a very important role in the physical development and height growth in humans, especially children. Zinc helps increase absorption, increase protein synthesis, cell division and boost the appetite. They are all important for children's development. Zinc deficiency causes growth retardation in height, bone growth disorder, puberty retardation. 
+ Magnesium is important for the physical development of child height. Magnesium not only stabilizes nerve function, strengthens the immune system, maintains heartbeat, muscle maintenance, ... According to the latest announcement by the scientists, the magnesium helps strengthe bones healthn and support maximum height growth.
Product details

User: children and people who need to grow height, children and people who need to strengthen their digestion 

Dosage and indication:  take 2 capsules/day after meals or consult health care specialist

Storage: store in dry, cool place way from direct sunlight 

Origin: USA  

Manufactured by MB Pharma Labs

Address: 20A Roosevelt, Somerset, New Jersey 08873, USA

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