Don’t overlook those tips if you want to possess a charming breast
16/01/2017 | 10:32
Owning a charming breast is one of desires of everywoman. How to care breast always make most of women confused. Here are some reasons that cause saggy breast.

- Don’t wear bra too long as we do exercises.

Specially, large or tight bras make us feel comfortable.

Gradually, breast will become saggy.

- Pour water directly to the chest when you take a bath.

- Tummy sleeping is not good for breast. 

- Don’t get enough nutrients. 

- Smoke

- Don’t care breast after giving birth or nursing baby.  

Those are some reasons why you have saggy breast.

Let’s care breast carefully with some guidance:  

1. Use warm water to take a bath and massage body

Massage as soon as take a bath help increasing the development of the stromal fat cells around the chest.

Massage breast slowly within 3- 5 minutes will stimulate breast cell division. 

2. Wear suitable bras 

Bras are the necessary tools for every woman.

All of you should choose right size bras.

Wearing too tight bras will cause you unable to breathe.

Besides, large bras will make your breast saggy when you do exercises.

Therefore, you should choose suitable bras for your breast size to protect your health.

Remember to wear dry bras to prevent bacteria. 

3. Do simple exercises 

Let’s choose suitable fitness to lift sagging breast naturally. 

- Yoga: Yoga is suitable for all women.

You will find comfortable with yoga exercises.

Suitable yoga exercises will support to lift sagging breast naturally. 

- Gym: specific exercises for those who want to improve breast size should be guided by instructors.

Practice regularly is the fastest way to improve your breast size. 

4. Notice on diet

Daily diet plays an important role in caring beauty.

If you want to possess a perfect body, you should notice on diet carefully.

Let’s follow some foods to support a charming chest from now on: 

- Foods rich in collagen and estrogen: fish, chicken, pumpkin, nuts…

- Foods rich in vitamin A and E: olive oil, papaya, soybean, butter, coconut, cashew…

- Drinking milk and enjoy eggs regularly will help you more in caring breast. 

Last but not least, dietary supplement can change “flat” breast into “king size breasts”.

It can make the chest larger and firmer.

Wish you success! 


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