Creatine 5000 - gain weight and muscle fast
Creatine 5000 - gain weight and muscle fast
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Creatine Monohydrate 5000 is the fastest and the most effective way to gain weight and improve muscle. Highly recommend for those who want to gain weight fast and go to gym to build muscle.
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What is Pure Creatine Monohydrates?

Creatine is an amino acid-like compound that supports energy production within muscles. Creatine Monohydrate can enhance the body’s capacity to perform high intensity exercise,help build muscle, strength and mass, while also improving muscle performance during exercise and training such as weightlifting and cycling.

Why CM 5000?

CM 5000 has become one of the most popular sports supplements among professional and amateur athletes. In the body, creatine is converted to creatine phosphate which helps to fuel skeletal muscles and provides support for immediate energy production during high-intensity workouts. Over the past several years, numerous studies have shown that creatine supplementation may help to improve athletic performance.

Creatine is a good supplement for anyone looking for increasing muscle strength and performance. Creatine is used to synthesize energy inside your body during strenuous exercise; Creatine can help you power through even your most intense of workouts. For this reason, Creatine is recognized by the fitness community for building muscle and supporting strength.Cstart supporting Creatine for your performance and physique today with CM 5000!

Usage: Mix 2 rounded teaspoon (2 x 5 g) with 8-12 oz of water or juice and consume immediately.

Main ingredients: Creatine Monohydrate and Maltodextrin.

- Creatine Monohydrate: 5000mg

- Maltodextrin: 5000mg

Creatine Monohydrate is transformed into creatine phosphate. Creatine phosphate creates adenosine triphosphate (also called ATP). ATP boosts energy for whole body activities, especially on muscles development.

- Creatine Monohydrate also helps in metabolism enhancement and energy booster. It is suitable for those who work in high physical activities. By using CM 5000, slim people will gain weight safely, effectively. They will not meet any obstacles, too.

Besides, 1 mg maltodextrin supplies 4 calories for your body. Calories help in quick energy booster. 

This powder blends easily with water or your favorite sports drink.

Net weight: 300grs

Expire date: 3 years since the date of manufacture

This product was produced at 20A, Roosevelt Avenue, Somerset, NJ 0877. It has been manufactured and packed in strict confornance with industry standards. 

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