8 reasons prevent your weight loss method
02/12/2016 | 02:21
Most of us try our best to lose weight but some can’t get good results after applying for a long time. Therefore, let’s check your diet or fitness to find out the suitable ways.

1.    Doing less exercises 

Light exercises are not suitable for those who want to lose weight fast.

So, you should apply high intense workouts with short rest after finishing 1 exercise.

Let’s spend 30 minutes on doing high intense workouts.

2.    Enjoy so much energy drinks 

With high intense workouts within 1 hour, you should enjoy energy drinks.

However, you only need pure water if we practice less than 60 minutes.

Your weight loss method will be reduced if you enjoy so much energy drinks. 

3.    Lack of sleep 

Lack of sleep will prevent weight loss process.

Some people sometimes eat at night and fatigue in the next morning so we can’t do high intense workouts in the next morning.

We need to have deep sleeps to support weight loss process effectively. 

4.    Skip meals

Skip main meals or suppers are thought to be the best way to lose weight fast.

However, some people will end weight loss progress soon if they eat much in the next meals.

Body will be fatigued and lack of vitality.

Skip meals make increase eating craving and metabolism will be affected, too.

Our body should be supplied nutrients normally.

So, we shouldn’t skip meal. We should follow a healthy diet by choosing suitable foods

5.    Don’t have a specific plan

Making a plan will support you to lose weight successfully.

It will help you approach to the right way in case you are too busy with your work.

Therefore, you should make a plan for what you will eat for a week or a day as well as fitness.

Don’t forget Sunday, too. Let’s follow your fitness and healthy diet every day.

6.    Stress

Stress will destroy your weight loss effort.

Let’s enter yoga or gym class to reduce stress.

You should follow a happy life to keep comfortable soul. 

7.    Lack of water

Let’s notice on drinking water every day.

It is not only good for health but also weight loss process.

Water can help increase metabolism and prevent hunger.

Whenever you feel hungry, let’s drink a cup of water to control eating cravings.

Otherwise, you and enjoy snack with fruits or cereals.

After drinking water, you feel full and don’t want to eat more. 

8.    Both eating and surfing web

You shouldn’t do that.

It’s not good for your health.

Maybe, you will eat more than normal when you surf web or look at cell phone whenever eating.

You don’t focus on foods on the table anymore.

The best way is that you shouldn’t do private things whenever eating. 

Last but not least, we should consult doctor to follow a healthy diet or fitness.

You can use dietary supplement to support your weight loss process well. 

Wish you lose weight successfully!  



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