6 signals cause weak libido in men
11/01/2017 | 01:43
Low libido is a popular disease nowadays. Many 30 – year – old men meet this symptom. There are a lot of reasons that lead low libido in men. Here are some basic signals of low interest in men.

1.    Reduce sexual desire

Men often blame for tiredness, lack of sleep or stress.

Reduce sexual drive is the first symptom of low libido.

They don’t have sexual desire (the feeling of wanting to have sex) with partner anymore. 

2.    Erectile dysfunction 

Having erection trouble from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern.

Men can’t control the time of sexual intercourse. 

3.    Pain during sex and urination after sex 

Urinating after sex is not good. Men feel uncomfortable and tired.

Pain during sex maybe the sign of a gynecologic problem.

Pain during sex may be caused by problems with sexual response such as lack of desire or lack of arousal. 

4. Delayed or premature ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is a relatively rare sexual dysfunction which can have both medical and psychological causes.

It affects a man’s ability to reach an orgasm.

Delayed ejaculation can be present at the onset of sexual activity may be an acquired condition. 

Premature ejaculation always happens before sexual penetration has been achieved or within about a minute of penetration. 

Men should notice these symptoms to treat as soon as possible. 

5.    Do not reach an orgasm 

A satisfying orgasm is the best thing that every mature men desire.

However, it’s sometimes difficult to find or reach an orgasm.

Satisfied orgasm is the factor that helps maintain next intercourse.

Without orgasm, men can’t have comfort or ability to reach an orgasm for the next time. 

6. Stress and tiredness after intercourse

Men often feel tired before and after doing intercourse.

We lose interest in libido with partner.

Men should notice health more and more to enhance ability of libido.

If everything comes worse, let visit doctor to cure immediately. 

Last but not least, a healthy diet and fitness are necessary to help improve libido in men.

Let’s follow doctor’s advices to get a strong libido.

Men should use dietary supplement to support a happy sex life.  

Wish you success!!!

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